A Day this month – June 2017

Wow have we here in Kentucky been getting some rain. Lots of rain. Now the garden is doing super and I have weeds, weeds and even more weeds to pull. Funny thing is right now I can not even step in the garden with out getting covered in mud. So it will wait. ( that is not breaking my heart, I do not like weeding the garden) LOL

I caught some really cute pictures of Ziva , her best friend ever Dutch our cat and even myself. They were in rare form and having a blast hamming it up for the camera.


This is Ziva playing with Dutch but it does look like she is going to get him doesn’t it? It was a one in a million catch. Dutch just purrs and purrs for Ziva.

DSC05547 DSC05552 DSC05553 DSC05554 DSC05555 DSC05556

These moments are what makes our world go round.♥

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