Hatching Eggs 2024

 SPRING 2024

Here at the Farm our goal is to offer Hatching eggs for 2024 (Farm Pick

up & Shipping)

Giant Dewlap Toulouse Goose eggs -$25.00 each


Lady Amherst hatching eggs   — 6 eggs -$50.00

Yellow Golden hatching eggs — 6 eggs -$50.00

Red Golden hatching eggs —   6 eggs – $ 35.00

Ringneck hatching eggs — 12 eggs for $15.00

Peach Pheasants: (will have a very limited supply of these)

hatching eggs   $ 25.oo each


Silkies  12 eggs — $20.00

Swedish Flower Chickens   6 eggs –$20.00

Barren Rock Baines  6 eggs –$20.00

Old English Self Blues   6 eggs –$20.00

Old English Ginger Red  6 eggs –$20.00

Ayam Ketawa (Laughing Chickens) 6–35.00

Appenzeller Spitzhauben (tan color) 6–35.00



This is my initial thoughts on pricing, Additional postal insurance is buyers responsibility, All postage is buyers responsibility.

Disclaimer edited 2/26/2023

Buying eggs is VERY risky. We do our best to package them for shipping.

There are many factors that increase the risk in mailing hatching eggs. Weather, Handling of

eggs by postal workers. From there it could be your incubator or humidity level in 

your incubator. This is very important Buyer accepts all responsibility. 

We will not replace any eggs.



 A few rules about Shipping- Buyer is responsible for all shipping cost. I will not ship out any eggs older than 7 days, I will only ship within the US. I will not ship overseas! I will not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. Not because I do not Love both your states it would just take too long to receive eggs from my location.