Quail Coturnix, Button Quail, Snowflake Quail

Here at the Farm we have four different types of quail:

Snowflake Quail   Stunning Quail Beautiful White with black marking. These birds are a bit Wild

Coturnix Quail ( Japanesse Quail) These are great for home raising as they are not as wild as other                                                                        breeds.

Button Quail   This breed is small very small. Great as pets


We sell Chicks, Adult Birds and eggs for you to hatch

                                              **  AS OF FEBUARY 2024 NONE AVAIBLE**

Snowflake Hatching Eggs – Not available at this time

Snowflake Chicks  a chick

Snowflake Adult Birds  a bird when available

Cornix Hatching Eggs   60-70 ( I fill up a quart size container- same as strawberry’s come in)

Cornix Chicks  a chick

Cornix Adult Birds  a bird when available

Button Quail Hatching Eggs –  a dozen

Button Quail chicks –  a chick

Button Quail Adult Birds –  a bird when available

** we do not guarantee eggs will hatch that is the buyer risk**

snowflake quail