Homemade Doll Clothes

I have been making doll clothes for over a year now and feel like I can finally open up to selling some. All the clothes here are for 18 inch dolls and are made here on the farm. I am really big on textile recycling so many are made from reclaimed clothing or sheets. Some are made from fabric found in yard sales or even thrift stores. Now don’t get me wrong many are from new material and I will always state where the material came from so you can make the most informed decision possible.

2 Things I think are very important:

- Parents must be responsible with their children and how they handle the items made! that includes being to rough with the items ( nothing can withstand that) and some include snaps and button. These items are not intended for small children so please do not assume they are. We are not responsible for any negligence on the parents part for purchasing items not age recommended. 

- second thing is we are a farm!!! this means we have indoor animals AKA fur is here. I would hope not in excess and I clean, clean, clean but it is still here. If you are sensitive to fur please do not purchase. I want you healthy bottom line!

Apart from that I hope you enjoy the clothing. I really like doing this and designing the patterns. playing around with new ideas and just trying to see how something will look.

Thank YOU!!!

Email for pricing ( we will only consider shipping with in the US)

Dresses are made from new material and have snaps at the shoulders. Dress are also fully lined with either new material or sheets. ( bedsheets can be reclaimed material)

Diapers are material that was either purchased at a estate sale or Thrift store. Diapers are lined with Sheets reclaimed material. Diapers have snap closures.